THE Partial Knee Meeting


THE Partial Knee Meeting 


25 & 26 January 2018, Bruges, Belgium


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Welcome from the chairman

Dear colleagues, dear friends

It is with great pleasure that we announce the next edition of this innovative meeting formerly entitled “Small Implants, Brussels”. For most of us “Small Implants” speaks for itself but let me extend on the topic.

THE Partial Knee meeting will, in a cycle of two years, happen in Belgium and will discuss arthroplasty solutions that are not total joint replacements, but all other type of combinations of resurfacing solutions for knee osteoarthritis.

The utilisation of unicompartmental replacements for medial and lateral femorotibial disease and patellofemoral replacements for patellofemoral osteoarthritis is increasing every day.
Patient’s satisfaction and functional results are the proof of the necessity of this type of implants. However good indications and surgical technique determine the success for both patients and surgeons. Education and training can play an important role in this. Therefore we have selected the best surgeons from across the globe to come and share their experiences with us.

It is our great honour to organise the fourth edition of this fabulous meeting in Bruges, Belgium. The past edition in Knokke was a huge success. We can only hope to do at least as well. The faculty we have already, now we only need you the audience, to make this a challenging and exciting meeting.

The program as you will see, will be controversial with a lot of discussions challenging our faculty to share their experiences and results with us.

Attendance is limited to 300 surgeons, so please don’t wait until the last minute for your inscription.

Chairman of the Meeting

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Thienpont
Cliniques universitaires Saint Luc-UCL
Brussels, Belgium

Previous edition: Knokke 2016

Last edition: Knokke 2016


  • Abdel Matt  (US)
  • Adravanti Paolo  (IT)
  • Aldinger Peter (DE)
  • Argenson JeanNoel  (FR)
  • Baldini Andrea  (IT)
  • Baron Gabriel  (CL)
  • Barrett David  (UK)
  • Benazzo Francesco  (IT)
  • Berend Keith  (US)
  • Bernardo Innocenti  (BE)
  • Bonnin Michel  (FR)
  • Catani Fabio  (IT)
  • Clarius Michael  (DE)
  • Dodd Chris  (UK)
  • Eldridge Jonathan  (UK)
  • Haddad Fares  (UK)
  • Halder Andreas  (DE)
  • Johannes Beckmann  (DE)
  • Justin Cobb  (UK)
  • Kornilov Nickolay  (RU)
  • London Nick  (UK)
  • Lustig Sebastien  (FR)
  • Mulaji Arun  (IN)
  • Murray David  (UK)
  • Parratte Sebastien  (FR)
  • Porteous Andrew  (UK)
  • Price Andrew  (UK)
  • Roche Martin  (US)
  • Romagnoli Sergio  (IT)
  • Troelsen Anders  (DK)
  • Victor Jan  (BE)
  • Williamson Richard  (US)

Abstract submission

Please send your abstracts by clicking the send button or by using the email bellow:

During THE Partial Knee meeting we will have a free paper session. Each attendee can present their work that should be unique and interesting for the audience.

Please submit your abstract proposal following the proposed Abstract Structure:

  • Introduction
  • Hypothesis
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Maximal amount of words: 250 words

DEADLINE for abstracts 31/12/2017 via

Abstract presenters need to be registered attendees of the meeting!




Provincial Court

Markt 3, 8000 Brugge