THE Partial Knee Meeting


THE Partial Knee Meeting 


25 & 26 January 2018, Bruges, Belgium


Join Us There


Dear colleagues, dear friends

It is with great pleasure that we announce the next edition of this innovative meeting formerly entitled “Small Implants, Brussels”. For most of us “Small Implants” speaks for itself but let me extend on the topic.

THE Partial Knee meeting will, in a cycle of two years, happen in Belgium and will discuss arthroplasty solutions that are not total joint replacements, but all other type of combinations of resurfacing solutions for knee osteoarthritis.

The utilisation of unicompartmental replacements for medial and lateral femorotibial disease and patellofemoral replacements for patellofemoral osteoarthritis is increasing every day.
Patient’s satisfaction and functional results are the proof of the necessity of this type of implants. However good indications and surgical technique determine the success for both patients and surgeons. Education and training can play an important role in this. Therefore we have selected the best surgeons from across the globe to come and share their experiences with us.

It is our great honour to organise the fourth edition of this fabulous meeting in Bruges, Belgium. The past edition in Knokke was a huge success. We can only hope to do at least as well. The faculty we have already, now we only need you the audience, to make this a challenging and exciting meeting.

The program as you will see, will be controversial with a lot of discussions challenging our faculty to share their experiences and results with us.

Attendance is limited to 300 surgeons, so please don’t wait until the last minute for your inscription.

Chairman of the Meeting

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Thienpont
Cliniques universitaires Saint Luc-UCL
Brussels, Belgium

Previous edition: Knokke 2016

Last edition: Knokke 2016


  • Adravanti Paolo (IT)
  • Aldinger Peter (DE)
  • Argenson JeanNoel (FR)
  • Baldini Andrea (IT)
  • Baron Gabriel (CL)
  • Barrett David (UK)
  • Beckmann Johannes (DE)
  • Bellemans Johan (BE)
  • Benazzo Francesco (IT)
  • Bonnin Michel (FR)
  • Catani Fabio (IT)
  • Clarius Michael (DE)
  • Cobb Justin (UK)
  • Dodd Chris (UK)
  • Eldridge Jonathan (UK)
  • Halder Andreas (DE)
  • Innocenti Bernardo (BE)
  • Kornilov Nickolay (RU)
  • London Nick (UK)
  • Lustig Sebastien (FR)
  • Mullaji Arun (IN)
  • Murray David (UK)
  • Parratte Sebastien (FR)
  • Porteous Andrew (UK)
  • Price Andrew (UK)
  • Roche Martin (US)
  • Romagnoli Sergio (IT)
  • Tanavalee Aree (THAI)
  • Thienpont Emmanuel (BE)
  • Troelsen Anders (DK)
  • Victor Jan (BE)

THE Partial Knee Meeting Board:

  • Prof. A. Baldini  (IT)
  • Prof. D. Barrett (UK)
  • Prof. F. Benazzo (IT)
  • Prof. S. Parratte (FR)
  • Prof. S. Romagnoli (IT)
  • Prof. E. Thienpont (BE)

Meeting Program

THURSDAY 25 January 2018


Registration of attendees at Provinciehuis, Brugge


Opening of the meeting

Welcome by the Chairman


Unicompartmental osteoarthritis: Understanding the disease and the different treatment options

Moderator: Porteous Andrew 

  1. Diagnostics for UKA                                              Clarius Michael
  2. Unicompartmental anatomy of the knee           Kornilov Nikolay 
  3. Early intervention options before UKA               Bellemans Johan 
  4. High Tibial Osteotomy: for who and when?       Bonnin Michel 



Expert panel about UKA current and enhanced indications as well as contra-indications

Moderator: Baldini Andrea 

Room challenger: Eldridge Jonathan – Parratte Sebastien  

Panel: Baron Gabriel, Barrett David, Catani Fabio, Dodd Chris, Halder Andreas, Kornilov Nickolay, London Nick, Romagnoli Sergio, Victor Jan


Coffee Break


UKA: a more difficult decision for surgeon than TKA

Moderator:  Dodd Chris

  1. How I finally saw the light about UKA                                     Troelsen Anders 
  2. Increasing your UKA volume to obtain success                    Price Andrew 
  3. UKA: Is the glass half full or half empty?                                Murray David 
  4. Resisting register’s pressure                                                    Cobb Justin 



Expert panel about surgical technique of medial UKA

Moderator: London Nick 

Room challenger: Beckmann Johannes – Mullaji Arun 

Panel: Adravanti Paolo, Aldinger Peter, Benazzo Francesco, Bonnin Michel, Lustig Sebastien, Murray David, Roche Martin, Tanavalee Aree


Lunch break with sponsor satellite symposiums


Expert panel about surgical technique of lateral UKA

Moderator: Benazzo Francesco 

Room challenger: Dodd Chris – Troelsen Anders   

Panel: Baldini Andrea, Bellemans Johan, Catani Fabio,  Clarius Michael, Halder Andreas, London Nick, Lustig Sebastien, Parratte Sebastien, Tanavalee Aree


Coffee break


Expert panel about the patellofemoral joint and selective resurfacing

Moderator: Eldridge Jonathan 

Room challenger: Baron Gabriel-Peter Aldinger 

Panel: Beckmann Johannes, Barrett David, Mullaji Arun,  Porteous Andrew, Price Andrew,  Roche Martin,  Romagnoli Sergio, Victor Jan 


Ask the CEO

Moderator: Thienpont Emmanuel 

Panel: Cohen Robert, Ferrari Luigi, Mazur Katarzyna, O’Donoghue Mike, Siccardi Francesco, Skold Torbjorn

FRIDAY 26 January 2018


Bicompartmental & bi-unicompartmental arthroplasty

Moderator:  Barrett David

Room challenger: Clarius Michael – Adravanti Paolo 

Panel: Aldinger Peter, Baldini Andrea, Benazzo Francesco, Bonnin Michel, Cobb Justin, Halder Andreas, London Nick, Porteous Andrew, Romagnoli Sergio


Coffee Break


New technologies in UKA

Moderator: Victor Jan 

Room challenger: Lustig Sebastien – Murray David 

Panel: Aldinger Peter, Catani Fabio, Cobb Justin, Mullaji Arun, Parratte Sebastien, Price Andrew, Roche Martin, Troelsen Anders


Lunch break with sponsor satellite symposiums


The complexity of surgery: case-based discussion of complications

Moderator: Murray David 

Room challenger: Aree Tanavalee  –  Andreas Halder

Panel: Adravanti Paolo, Argenson Jean Noel, Baron Gabriel, Bellemans Johan, Benazzo Francesco, Dodd Chris, Lustig Sebastien, Romagnoli Sergio, Victor Jan


Coffee Break


Hot topics and controversies about UKA

Moderator: Roche Martin 

Room challenger: Eldridge Jonathan – Kornilov Nickolay

Panel: Argenson Jean Noel, Baldini Andrea, Barrett David, Bonnin Michel, Catani Fabio,  Mullaji Arun, Parratte Sebastien, Porteous Andrew, Tanavalee Aree


Ask the engineer

ModeratorCobb Justin 

Room challenger: Innocenti Bernardo – Baron Gabriel 

Panel: Bandi Marc, Barbanti Ivana,  Nevelos Jim , Olgiati Gianluca, Sanford Adam, Smith Rick, Wolfson Dave, Zumbrunn Thomas


Closure of meeting by Chairman

Free Paper Program on Friday 26/01/2018

Abstract presenters need to be registered attendees for the meeting


Influence of medial patellofemoral osteoarthritis on the outcome of fixed bearing medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
Presenter: Emmanuel Thienpont


UKA for posttraumatic osteoarthritis of the knee
Presenter: Sergio Romagnoli


Metaphyseal fixation in cemented and cementless Oxford partial knee replacement: preliminary results of a prospective SPECT-CT study
Presenter: Lucas Beckers


Mobile bearing leads to less proximal medial tibial strain following UKA in comparison
with fixed bearing in a cadaver set-up
Presenter: Geert Peersman


Comparison of cemented and cementless Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty
Presenter: Christiaan Rudolf Oosthuizen


Unicondylar or Total Knee Arthroplasty for medial knee osteoarthritis with associated ACL deficiency?
Presenter: Fabian von Knoch


Does microplasty instrumentation improve alignment of the Oxford unicompartmental knee arthroplasty?
Presenter: Marco Basso


Five-year follow-up of RCT of robotically assisted UKA
Presenter: Philip John Rowe


Clinical outcome depends on implant component orientation in robotically assisted UKA
Presenter: Fabio Catani


Factors affecting patients’ Forgotten Joint Score in total and unicondylar knee arthroplasty: a prospective cohort study
Presenter: Jeroen Verhaegen


Resurfacing UKA with an inlay tibial component: a retrospective long-term follow-up study
Presenter: Marty Redish


Partial knee implants for selected ACL-deficient patients? In Vivo comparison to standard UKA patients during daily activities using a moving fluoroscope
Presenter: Ir Thomas Zumbrunn


Combined Partial Knee Replacement – A functionally superior alternative to Total Knee Replacement in terms of Gait and Patient Reported Outcome Measures
Presenter: Amy Garner

THE Partial Knee Meeting Course Reception

Dear attendees,
On Thursday evening 25/01/2018 at 7 PM THE Partial Knee Meeting 2018 together with the city council of Bruges invites you all at the city hall of Bruges. The city hall will be exclusively reserved for our attendees. 
  • 7 PM                      Arrival and private visit of City Hall
  • 715 PM                 Welcome and short explanation about city hall by council representative
  • 730 PM                 Reception with local beer and cheese
You need to wear your congress badge since normally there is a fee to visit the Bruges City Hall. 
Attendance is limited to 100 persons!
Adress: Bruges City Hall, Burg 12, 8000 Bruges


The Partial Knee Meeting is proud to announce that thanks to the support of several orthopedic companies we are able to propose a travel grant for attendees of the meeting.

Please apply for the grant which covers both travel and attendance fee by sending an email to


  1. One grant is specifically for Belgian surgeons. Please mention this for the first grant.


  1. The second grant is for orthopedic surgeons from all around the world.


We have to apply the first-come, first served basis!




Provincial Court

Markt 3, 8000 Brugge





Other Sponsors


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The PCO and fiscal organizer of THE Partial Knee Meeting is KEEP International S.r.l.



Adresse: Via Giuseppe Vigoni, 11 – 20122 Milan (Italy)

Tel:  +39 02 54122579  /13

Fax:  +39 02 54124871

The PCO and fiscal organizer of THE Partial Knee Meeting is KEEP International S.r.l.



Adresse: Via Giuseppe Vigoni, 11 – 20122 Milan (Italy)

Tel:  +39 02 54122579  /13

Fax:  +39 02 54124871